Ethereals and Toe Jammer can breed with the Wubbox here. Trees are lightning rods and rocks are plasma balls. Monsters can be teleported here from The Ethereal Island and Toe Jammer


Monster Combination
Elecstrich Grumpyre + Wubbox
Plasmitt Ghazt + Wubbox
Ectolich Humbug + Wubbox
Thunder Drumpler Reebro + Wubbox
Ringaletch Jeeode + Wubbox
Ghezt Whisp + Wubbox
Opitixx Nebulob + Wubbox 
Lightning Bugg Kazelleon + Wubbox
Electritar Arackulele + Wubbox
Fungo Beat Fung Pray + Wubbox
Screamo Fish Jellybilly + Wubbox
Electric Toe Jammer Toe Jammer + Wubbox


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