Girl Island is a fan-made island for the game My Singing Monsters. It is similar to Shugabush Island because you can teleport monsters from other islands to this island, although the monsters only need to be at level 5

Monsters that can be teleported to the Island. Edit

  • Tweedle
  • Fwog (Rare)
  • Pompom
  • Hoola
  • Schmoochle 
  • Dandidoo
  • Fung Pray
  • Maw
  • Whisp
  • Jeeode
  • Furcorn (Rare)
  • Kayna
  • Glowl
  • Sooza
  • Whaddle
  • Thrumble
  • Barrb
  • Candelavra
  • Toe Jammer
  • Wubbox
  • Flowah
  • Pango (Rare)
  • Thumpies
  • Pummel (Rare)
  • Deedge (Remix Only)
  • Dermit (Remix Only)
  • Whajje
  • Creepuscule
  • Plixie
  • Dipsters (Seen On The Song)
  • Blipsqeak
  • Astropod
  • Hornacle

The rare versions of all these monsters can be teleported as well.

New Monsters Edit

  • Meirokku
  • Bugly
  • Chompzila
  • SquidBass
  • Hoota
  • Tamblerena
  • Kingiriaperilda
  • Gikosnhtliveiop
  • Simertin
  • Parple
  • Kidider
  • Buzzer

Song Edit

The song for this island sounds similar to the song "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper. But toe jammer's and wubbox song are add

Trivia Edit

  • This island is the only island that can have a two-element ethereal and a natural monster together.
  • The Maw, Furcorn, Fwog, Jeeode, and Fung Pray were originally not supposed to be added, but they were added for the following reasons:
    • The Maw, Fung Pray, Toe Jammer, Wubbox, Flowah, Pango, Thumpies Pango and Fwog are somewhat feminine.
    • The Jeeode has been confirmed to be female-only by BBB.
    • The Rare Furcorn is more feminine.
  • The Hoola is now the only seasonal monster to exist on three islands.
  • Deedge is not available on this island but he was in the remix doing a rap turning the wheel and sound like it

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