These are the My Singing Monsters Fan Ficton Wiki monster's likes.

Image Name 1 2 3 4 (hidden)


Rare Ghazt
Rare Ghazt Ghazt Razzli Tree Fire Bush Bass String Bridge
Plucksitar Trumpony Guitree Meldablend Cornihorn Statue
Flamzee Cybop Piney Tree Floofy Nest Yawstritch
Meirokku Hoola Yum Yum Tree Puffle Tree Large Cake
Sesaria Whisp Ambered Thing Yum Yum Tree Wild Bagpipe
Bee-t Quarrister Yum Yum Tree Babayag Tower Pom Pom
Rare Jeeode
Rare Jeeode Jeeode Barbloo Statue Traveler's Sign Dragoon Statue
Rare Bellowfish
Rare Bellowfish Bellowfish Bloofi Tree Smunkin Patch Sponge Rock
Rare Sox Sox Pipes Of Cicado Sponge Rock Hollow Log
Rare Dragong
Rare Dragong Dragong Levitating Bauble Cornihorn Statue Harpsitree
Willowaplaudir Kazillion Razzli Tree Fire Bush Bass String Bridge

*only use if needed

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