Techno Island is an island availible in My Singing Monsters: Dawn Of Fire. You can teleport some baby Wublins here, and breed some brand new monsters.

Monsters Edit

  • Screemu (Ink)
  • Astropod (Space)
  • Scargo (Slime)
  • Tympa (Metal)
  • Pixolotl (Light)
  • Synthsnake (Ink/Space)
  • Minoguitar (Ink/Metal)
  • Treebeep (Slime/Metal)
  • Voltwik (Light/Slime)
  • Beatboon (Space/Metal)
  • Refrigagnesium (Space/Metal/Light)
  • Quadrodile (Ink/Space/Metal/Light)
  • Aquerdock (Ink/Slime)
  • Shinorju (Ink/Light)
  • Galactia (Space/Slime)
  • Plabulb (Space/Light)
  • Bangladesh (Metal/Light)
  • Sharshep (Ink/Space/Metal)
  • Splattaboom (Ink/Metal/Light)
  • Vorluna (Space/Metal/Light/Slime)
  • Thermalkrat (Space/Light/Ink)

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