"The Trumpony stores air in it's organs. Then it blows it all out to make a really loud noise. It's nose is also good for drinking."

The Trumpony is a Ethereal Monster that uses its trumpet nose to play music. It is based of a seahorse.

It has a rare equivelant .

Trumpony element
Trumpony Likes

Possible Breeding CombinationsEdit

  • Reebro and Fung Pray
  • Jeeode and Dragong
  • Bellowfish and Humbug


Cost: 2,250 Diamonds

Beds: 10

Shards per Minute: 12 Shards

Max. Shards: 399 Shards

Likes: Dragong, Trumplite, Floofy Nest, Wild Bagpipe (Hidden)


Idle animation.

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